Sheri Burke

Your bariatric Nutritionist

Sheri Burke is a Nutritional Therapist who works directly with Bariatric patients to help them meet their nutritional requirements for optimal health pre and post operatively

Pete Gailey

”Thank you Sheri I'm coming up on three years after tj I lost 165 lbs and still holding my profile pic is an old fat one just to remind me don't be like that again thanks to all your bunch never felt better!!!!!!!!!!!.”

“2 years 3 months out and still forever grateful for Sheri Burke you are the best.If you are thinking about it i highly recommend you to jump on the losers bench with us..”

Christie Walker
Miranda Lenee

The Best Free Report I’ve Ever Downloaded...

Sometimes you feel like you can't see a change. But then you do a side by side.
Same shirt I wore to surgery and in it now. It's so big now compared to tight fitting when I did surgery. 5months can really make a difference. Here you go Sheri.

About Sheri

She has background in administrating Surgery Centres in Mexico and was appointed CEO of the company International Patient Facilitators in 2008 which specialises in the coordination and facilitation of bariatric procedures in Mexico.

Sheri has worked for nearly a decade providing patients with the education they require to make a well informed decision to travel abroad for surgical procedures and has presented at several bariatric informational seminars. She enjoys assisting bariatric patients achieve their health goals and translates research into practical tips for her patients.